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Southsea Picket July 2014 - In Unity PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rob Stone   
Monday, 21 July 2014 12:03

Soutsea Picket July 2014

Last Updated on Monday, 21 July 2014 14:38
Hants FBU Response to CFO Bonney Message of 13th July 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nigel McCullen - Chair   
Monday, 14 July 2014 13:36

The FBU in Hampshire notes with extreme disappointment the communiqué sent via teleprinter to HFRS staff on Sunday 13th July 2014, and due to the overwhelming number of complaints, have been compelled to respond accordingly.

FBU members have contacted the Brigade Officials to express their concerns at the tone and rhetoric that seems to be portrayed within the statement and feel that it is both inflammatory and intimidating. Many have felt that this message has been ill timed and very unhelpful in maintaining a working relationship between us all in these difficult times.

Up until now, the FBU officials have worked extremely hard to maintain civil relations with Senior Officers and have strived to smooth out any differences we have despite the difficult positions we find ourselves in. However, many have felt that this message has been ill timed and unnecessary, and constitutes a threat designed to intimidate people into not striking in the future.

This latest communication came without warning and has angered FBU members and non FBU members alike. Rather than remaining "neutral" so that "staff can work together after the strikes" this open letter may have the opposite effect. If the Chief hasn't noticed, ALL personnel that strike do so with a heavy heart and it is possibly one of the most difficult decisions a Firefighter will have to make, so to suggest that he is "uncomfortable" with it will hopefully give him an insight as to how we feel, every time we are forced by this Government into taking action.

The CFO says....“The length and pattern of the strike action is deliberately aimed at undermining the business continuity plans of fire and rescue services”. –Yes, that is the nature of industrial action. The FBU have set out a series of dates to highlight the issue. Were we to lay out some benign strategy with no effect upon fire & rescue services, and CFO’s report back to Government that it was ‘business as usual’, there would be no pressure on the Fire Minister to negotiate a solution.

To say that......“I regard as indefensible this latest decision by the FBU to call such a deliberately disruptive pattern of strikes given its sole intention is to damage the very contingency arrangements which protect the public”....is incredulous at best. The FBU has been negotiating for no less than three years with the Government for a fair and decent settlement and have fought their case with fact based evidence and argument. The Government have ignored this, and even two of their own reviews to press ahead with their unfair proposals, so to say that it is "indefensible" for Firefighters to use the last tool in the box to fight for their family’s future is astonishing. Moreover, what is indefensible is this Government's insistence to make decent hardworking Firefighters work longer, get less and pay a lot more for the privilege!
Finally, the CFO states that he must consider public safety when considering Partial Performance. There can only be one reason why you wouldn’t accept partial performance and that would be to break the will and resolve of your workforce so that you force them back into work due to the financial pressure you’re putting them under. It has nothing to do with public safety. By locking out fully trained, competent Firefighters when they should be at work is putting the Public at risk! And it’s a very dangerous game to play.  That would be a sad legacy for our CFO to leave the Fire Service with.

Hampshire FBU sincerely hopes that the CFO takes into account the catastrophic effect on personnel a decision to not accept partial performance would have in the future, both financially and on morale in the Service for years to come. Especially, when there may be an end in sight should the proposed talks be productive and produce a solution. 

We therefore implore the CFO to use his influence in his position to put pressure on the Fire Minister to sit back down with the FBU, without pre-conditions, and negotiate a speedy conclusion to this dispute.

Hants FBU Brigade Officials will, as ever, remain available to Senior Officers should they wish to discuss this or any other matter concerning this matter.

Nigel McCullen.                  Gary Jackson
Chair, Hants FBU.                Sec. Hants FBU.

Last Updated on Monday, 14 July 2014 13:40
Southampton City Councillor Supports Industrial Action PDF Print E-mail
Written by Webmaster   
Monday, 16 June 2014 11:56

With the devastating cuts falling across all public services, it appears to be "us and them". Those in charge of our public services, should be as concerned as we are to continue a first rate service to an ever growing population, but sometimes the accepting silence around the cuts and pensions attack is deafening. This is not always the case however. We have received a message of support from Keith Morrell, a Southampton City councillor, who is also a member of Councillors Against Cuts Group. You can access this group here. You can see the message below.


Dear Gary

As a Southampton City Councillor I support, without reservation, all those FBU members taking industrial action today in defence of their pensions and conditions of employment. This government's attack on your members is part of a broad strategy designed to claw back the improvement in living standards won by the working class over generations. The determination of the FBU to fight back is a marvellous example to the entire labour movement.


Keith Morrell

Councillors Against Cuts Group

Southampton City Council


Many Thanks to Cllr Morrell for his support. It is reassuring that we are not alone in our fight.


Last Updated on Thursday, 19 June 2014 10:46
Industrial Action on 10th July PDF Print E-mail
Written by Webmaster   
Monday, 07 July 2014 14:13

To All FBU Members

As you will be aware the FBU have called a strike between 1000 and 1900 on Thursday 10th. This is a little bit different to the other action because it coincides with the Nation day of Action called by other Public Sector Unions. This is a very good opportunity to support our other Union colleagues as they have us over the last few months. Can I therefore ask you all to join in on any Marches and rallys that will be occuring that day. Picket lines can still be set up at 1000 closed down if need be to join the events. Please email any photos to your Branch Rep for placing on the website.

I know that Portsmouth is having a demo and march leaving from the Guildhall Square at noon so please make a real effort to attend if you can. Gary and I will be picking up T-shirts and caps from region on Monday to dish out to members attending.

Many Thanks and Good Luck,


Last Updated on Monday, 07 July 2014 14:22
New Strike Action June 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Webmaster   
Thursday, 05 June 2014 12:00


New dates have been announced today for industrial action.

June 12th 9am for 24hrs (Blue days/Red nights)

June 21st 10am - 5pm (Blue days)

Action short of strike (ASOS) will take place from the 12th June 9am extending through until 22nd June.

More details to follow - please register to ensure that you are kept updated.

Last Updated on Thursday, 05 June 2014 20:33

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