What to look for in a smartphone

Fact is that a smartphone is not just a smart phone and you don’t even have to be a techie to agree with this. If you have used more than one of these revolutionary mobile technologies, you should now be able to tell the difference between an out dated smartphone and a more recent one. You have to admit that recent models are just better than older ones, although that is not always the case. Nevertheless, you need to get a smartphone that suits you best and here’s how.

Shop for speed

While shopping for your new smartphone, you need to get something that has great speeds. The last thing you want is a smartphone that freezes every time you turn your application software on. Therefore, always go for the ones that have the latest operating system versions. You can find out the most recent OS versions on the internet. Additionally, also be keen about the phone’s ram, because it is a very important component that determines your mobile’s speed and ability to handle heavy software. So, go for smartphones with higher ram capacities and you won’t complain about speed any time soon.

Don’t concentrate on visual appeal

One common mistake that some people make when buying smartphones is that they go for the ones that look really good and shiny. Well, shiny isn’t always better, especially when it comes to smartphones. While looking for your smartphone, don’t just look at its physical attributes. Rather than going for something with a large screen, go for something with the greatest resolution, operating system or battery life.

Find a good camera

With the ‘selfie’ fevers going on, you have no choice but to find a smartphone with a nice camera. It’s all about the pixels. The more the merrier. Therefore, you want to go for a phone that has a higher number of megapixels. You should see this number just beside the camera lens. A good camera will allow you to capture those happy moments you have with your loved ones in a clearer and sharper way. So, sacrifice a few more pounds for little more pixels. You won’t regret it.

Go sleek and slim

As you shop for your smartphone, always be on the lookout for the slimmer phone models. There is just something about such mobiles that make them so attractive to look at. Therefore, if you want that modern retro-look, shop for razor thin smartphones. With technology improving nowadays, finding one shouldn’t be a problem. Get a slim phone and watch every head turn each time you pick a call or take a picture.