Wi-Fi: How to take advantage of this technology

You have to agree that Wi-Fi technology is among the main things that adds life to the 21st century. Nowadays, the first thing an ordinary person asks for when booking a hotel is, “do you have any Wi-Fi?” In fact, WIFI is being used as a selling point these days. Watch your cable advertisements carefully and you will notice it. Are you an elderly person and wondering what this WIFI everyone is talking about entails? Then this short excerpt was prepared just for you.

What is it?

First things first, you need to understand the meaning of WIFI. Where does it come from? Wi-Fi is a technology that facilitates wireless communication and allows users of computers or smartphones to connect to the internet. That’s why you need to take advantage of this technology. Here’s how.

Connect with other users

Be a part of globalization by being connected to other mobile users across the globe. With Wi-Fi technology, you can now make use of the internet at very low costs. Communicate with your loved ones from all over the world through social media platforms such as Facebook. Give them a little tweet via Twitter as you share the memorable times you had with them on Instagram. Give it a try. It’s so much fun!

Transfer information smoothly

Before Wi-Fi, some people probably thought there was nothing that was going to beat the Bluetooth in transferring information wirelessly within close range. Well, guess what. Wi-Fi is better, allowing you to move your pictures, videos and documents from one smartphone to another seamlessly. Not only can you do that on your smartphone, but also on your PC and other gadgets out there.

Create your own LAN

Thanks to Wi-Fi, you can create your own local area network and manage it as you please. Integrate the computers you would like to monitor or share information with in your business place. Besides that, you can always take gaming to a whole new level by enjoying the best multiplayer games with your family and friends from your place. It doesn’t matter how old you are. LAN games are for everyone. So, give it a try.